Semalt Tips On How To Use Instagram For Tourism Marketing

Social media and tourism marketing together make one of the most mutually beneficial

relationships. Over the past four years, both industries have continued to experience growth and expansion. By learning about these two, it
becomes possible to understand how to be unique and creative in Instagram campaigns.

Ryan Johnson, the Customer Success Manager of
gives the ideas of how to use Instagram for tourism marketing in the most efficient way.

1. Location significance

For every Instagram image uploaded, there needs to be a location attached to it.
According to Social Media Today, close to 48 percent of travelers rely on Instagram to decide on a new travel destination. Another 35
percent rely on this feature when discovering new places. Adding a location to an image places the business on the map.

The top priority is to inspire travelers but not advertise things. Usually,
travelers do not have the impulse to buy and put much value in the process and therefore they visit several sites before making a decision.

2. Airbnb wins at Instagram

Airbnb does not only excel a location tagging. The entire Instagram feed is
outstanding from the inspiring photos, correct use of the hashtags, and the detailed captions that contain tips on how to travel. All of
these features make the Airbnb Instagram beautiful and practical.

The reason why Airbnb stands out is the introduction of Like2By (Curalate),
which allows customers to shop through a business’s Instagram feed. Like2By acts as a middleman and works by having Airbnb promote their
link on their bio, which then redirects them to Like2By’s page when clicked. Once users click on an image, it refers them to a website
from where they can now book to stay on the image they clicked.

3. Creative content curation

Searching a destination on Instagram brings back very many results tagged
with the name of the destination. The feed shows very many images, which may give a true representation of how the destination looks
in reality. Mel Carson revealed that 90 percent of consumers trust information communicated to them by their friends as compared to the
15 percent who believe in the brand messages. Hashtags also serve the same purpose, as they identify the most popular things to do on arrival.

4. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the most realistic experience one has without ever visiting
a place, making them interested in having the experience in real life. For instance,antas Airlines is among the first to make Virtual
Reality a reality for their first-class lounges and cabins in Sydney and Melbourne.

5. Personalization

In 2016 personalization of services offered became the necessity since people
prefer brands that provide users with more personified experience. Personalization is in the form of the personal recommendations by brands
in such a way that it feels organic and engaging with the user. Both consumer and brand stand to benefit from the personalization effect.
Consumers receive content that is of genuine interest to them while brand acquires more information on consumers’ habits.

6. Locally sourced content

Travel content success depends on the amount of trust between individuals.
Consumers want to know that the information given to them is from reliable sources. It is the reason why brands now use freelancers who
live and work in different destinations around the world, to help build content from a local’s perspective.

The future of social media in tourism marketing

As technology evolves, it is set to jump on board the partnership between
travel and social media. With time, this technology will continue to pick up on personal habits, and travel experiences are sure to engage
with the user more, with the hope of building stronger relationships. As beautiful as a destination may be, it may be hard to stand out in
the highly competitive tourism industry. If the product is self-descriptive and can find its way on a map, customers can spread the message
on behalf of the business.

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